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The culmination of Asher’s travels so far, The Way Back calls upon a wide cast of friends; incorporating viola, violin, banjo and piano, as well as guest appearances from members of Sonic Boom Six and The Karma Party. The album is littered with a variety of styles, ranging from the fundamentals of Asher’s signature acoustic folk, and across heavy rock, Fat Wreck-style punk and classic Britpop influences.

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The Way Back CD

You never forget the way back. The debut album in CD format with a lyric-laden inlay booklet in a heavy duty digipak. 11 songs full of meaningful lyrics and loads of guest musicians.

£10.00 | Buy  
The Way Back – Journeyman Edition

This is something special. Strictly limited to just one copy, the Journeyman Edition comes with a raft of extra special premium goodies.

£150,000.00 | Buy  



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